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#WWR Digital Magazine is a UK-based lifestyle platform that elevates the voices of our community, sharing articles highlighting their lived experiences and area of expertise. Careers, Relationships and Health & Well-being are fundamental areas within the lives of women & non-binary people.

By exploring these areas, acknowledging the challenges in life, and championing growth, #WWR aims to guide our readers and audiences through their journey in life motivationally. 

Magazine advertising is valuable content and attracts the most attention. The number of our readers, podcast listeners, and social media audiences are growing exponentially. With the amount of content we produce, we are confident that your ads will reach your target audience. 

We organically place relevant ads within areas without the use of algorithms, which means the trust of our audience is at the forefront of our minds. 

#WWR appeal to specific demographics, lifestyles and interests; as an advertiser, you can hone in on targets that fit your needs. Suppose your brand or services are aimed at women or non-binary people interested in the main aspects of life–careers, health & wellness or relationships. Why not consider introducing your business to our community?

Authenticity is essential, and while it’s known that consumers trust and believe magazines and magazine advertising more than other media, we’re committed to reinforcing that fact.  

Magazine readers are more likely than users of other media to influence friends and family on products across various categories. In addition, magazines are most likely to complement web reach, which means that by placing an advertisement with #WWR and incorporating your web links, you’re boosting your business’s web presence and Google rankings. 

According to Affinity Research, several studies demonstrate that magazines are generally the most vital purchase intent driver, possibly because more than half of all readers act on magazine ads. During 2022 eCommerce had a turbulent decline following the surge in online shopping during 2020 and 2021. However, online sales are still growing steadily in the longer term, hitting 30% of total retail in the UK in November 2022, according to ONS data. Many retailers and business owners seek to be as flexible as possible as inflation impacts consumer spending.

#WWR wants to support you by offering affordable advertising opportunities to reach your targets and pay it forward by paying our contributors. 

#WWR is committed to supporting women and non-binary people. We provide working opportunities for creatives and writers, and by generating income, we can fulfil our goal of extending those opportunities. 

Advertising opportunities for business and brands

Advertising Options


  • Digital Banner

  • Social Media Ad

  • An Interview on #WWR

  • Ad on our Podcast


Digital Banner Placement 

Banner advertising consists of placing a designed ad on our website. As the name implies, the ad is a banner shape, a long rectangle.

#WWR can place your banner ad within our best-fitting article or post. We limit the advertisements within posts to one ad per article; we don’t want to bombard our readers with pop-ups or non-relevant content. Let’s keep our collaboration authentic. 

We share our articles on our social platforms and within our newsletters.

 Price: £60 for one year

#WWR Interviews With Female And Non-Binary Business Owners 

#WWR supports female and non-binary people business owners by sharing their career journeys with our readers. We are committed to inspiring our audiences by highlighting the triumphs, challenges, and successes of women and non-binary people in business.

By offering an interview, incorporating links, images and your business ethos, we can spotlight your business or services, drive traffic and increase sales. But also educate and encourage our community to take up space in the business world.

Read our interview with Stacey Grant-Canham, founder and owner of Black & Beech. While it’s not a sponsored article, you’ll get an insight into what we can offer.

Price: £180 for permanent placement on #WWR

Social Media Advertising

#WWR engages audiences by sharing inspiring, motivating, and educational content on our social platforms.

We can discuss various options if you want to share your content on our social media platforms. These may include publishing your content or partnering with our founder, Sareta Fontaine, content creator and micro-influencer.

Price: From £50, depending on your advertising needs.

Advertising On Our Podcast

#WWR is home to the Women Who Rebrand Podcast, featuring guests and equally fantastic hosts. The series is focused on topical discussions with guests in the areas we highlight on #WWR; Careers, Relationships, and Health & Wellness.

Pod Bible, the UK’s first magazine dedicated to podcasts, listed Women Who Rebrand as a top recommended podcast to download in 2022. 

Past guests include Natalie Lue, Speaker & Author and Charisse Cooke, Relationships Therapist. Helen Thorn, Comedienne & Author and Vivienne Isebor, founder of ADHD Babes.

You can sponsor an episode, and in return, the host will share your business description and where to find you within the episode. We will also share your business details in the episode description and the accompanying blog post, published here on #WWR.

The series is available on all great podcast platforms, and the accompanying blog post is shared on our social network platforms and within our newsletter. 

Price: £100 for permanent placement within the podcast and accompanying blog post.  


#WWR reserves the right to change or alter prices and advertisement terms & conditions. However, this will not affect advertisements once published.

Permanent advertisement placement will remain as such during the time #WWR Digital Magazine, the Women Who Rebrand podcast, and accompanying social media accounts stay live.

#WWR is not responsible for the termination or any limiting factors that may affect hosting the #WWR website, Instagram and TikTok accounts.


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