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Do you want to reach a diverse audience of women and non-binary people with your advertising? #WWR is the perfect place to do just that.

Our magazine provides targeted and affordable advertising placement for female and non-binary-owned businesses and brands, creating a unique and authentic connection with our readers.

#WWR Digital Magazine is the ideal choice for advertising, as we have a loyal and growing readership and podcast listenership, and our content is trusted and respected. We don’t use algorithms to place ads; instead, we organically place them within relevant areas, showing our readers that we have their best interests in mind.

We understand that businesses and retailers need to be as flexible as possible when it comes to their advertising, so we offer our services at an affordable price. Your advertisement will not only reach the right people, but it will also help us reach our goal of providing working opportunities for creatives and writers.

Choose #WWR and connect with our community in an organic and trusted way.

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Advertising Options

Digital Banner Placement 

At #WWR, we know how essential it is for your brand to be seen. We offer digital banner placement in our articles, posts, and newsletters shared across social media platforms.

Our limited ad policy guarantees your banner will stand out in the crowd of ads and be noticed by the right audience. With our digital banner placement, you can trust that your advertisement will be seen in a captivating, genuine way.

Sponsored Interviews with Female and Non-Binary Business Owners

We’re passionate about amplifying the voices of female and non-binary business owners. Through interviews with our readers, we aim to showcase these entrepreneurs’ triumphs, struggles, and successes.

By featuring your business or services along with links, images, and your mission statement, we can give you the attention you deserve and drive traffic and sales to your business. Most importantly, we can educate and empower our readers to take their place in the business world.

Social Media Advertising

We understand the importance of being seen, which is why #WWR offers social media advertising.

Connect with our highly engaged audiences by publishing your content or partnering with Sareta Fontaine, #WWR founder, writer, content creator, and micro-influencer. With this unique opportunity, you can creatively reach a new audience, create a positive impact, and drive traffic and sales to your business.

Advertising on Our Podcast

Our seasonal podcast, Women Who Rebrand, recommended by Podbible, features influential guests and is available on all great podcast platforms.

With your sponsorship, we will include your business description during the recording and feature your brand in the episode show notes and accompanying write-up shared on #WWR Digital Magazine.

Terms and Conditions

At #WWR, we take our commitment to you seriously.

Once your advertisement is published, our prices and terms & conditions will not change, ensuring your placement remains the same as long as #WWR Digital Magazine, the Women Who Rebrand podcast, and our accompanying social media accounts are live. However, we cannot guarantee that any limiting factors or termination of the #WWR website, Instagram and TikTok data will not affect hosting.

Rely on us today for your advertisement needs, and trust that we will keep our promise.

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