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February 28, 2022

This week, join Sareta and Chioma as they speak to the incredibly talented Tetyana Denford, Ukrainian-American author, translator, and freelance writer.

Tetyana’s debut novel, ‘Motherland’, was based on a family secret revealed by her grandmother and has been praised as ‘haunting’, ‘powerful and devastating’, and a ‘fragile and hopeful story of an immigrant family’.

She also recently published a series of ‘conversation books’ about Grief, Motherhood, and Love.

The hosts talk to Tetyana to gain insight into the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine. Tetyana, Ukrainian-American, shares how this conflict has impacted her heritage and cultural identity and why she believes critical thinking is essential when understanding stories.

Get the full story of this powerful conversation and more by tuning into today’s episode of Women Who Rebrand.

Tetyana Denford, Author of Motherland

Ukraine is a country full of beauty, strength, and resilience. It has the most incredible people that are proud of their nation and are determined to build a better future for their children.”Tetyana Denford

Growing up in a small town in New York, surrounded by her Ukrainian heritage, Tetyana Denford has developed into a renowned author, freelance writer, translator, and speaker of several languages. Her work has been featured prominently in The Telegraph and The New York Times, and she has written and edited articles for magazines in New York and the UK. She is currently a translator for Frontline News.

Tetyana Denford’s novel Motherland (now being relaunched as The Child of Ukraine) was longlisted for the Readers Digest Self-Published Book Awards and has been met with critical acclaim worldwide. Based on an incredible family secret revealed by her maternal grandmother, Yulia. Her ‘conversation books’, a series of three themed, handbag-sized books of poetry and prose, were published in 2021-2022 and are designed to help the reader find hope, magic, empowerment, and love.

The Child of Ukraine (formerly Motherland) is being relaunched by Bookouture (an imprint of Hachette Books) in July 2022, and Tetyana’s latest historical novel is due out in 2023.

Tetyana currently lives in New York with her husband and three children, having previously lived in Italy and the UK.

Her childhood fascination with how storytellers in various cultures pass down their lives to future generations has transformed into a unique writing and translation career that celebrates the importance of life stories.

Tetyana Denford, Author of Motherland


Now more than ever, people are witnessing the Ukrainian people’s grit, hope, and sheer determination. They want to learn about who they are; their legacy will be their stories.

Read more about the author and order her books.

Tetyana Denford
IG: @TetyanaWrites

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