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  1. Do you identify as a woman or a non-binary person?
  2. What topic would you like to focus on– careers, relationships, or health & wellness?
  3. Are you pitching an article, personal story, or yourself as a podcast guest?
  4. Writers, are you UK based?
  5. Are you pitching as a professional writer or volunteer contributor?
  6. Would you like to be a guest on our podcast and share your expertise or story about careers, health & wellness, or relationships?
  7. Have you read our Guide to working with #WWR?

Terms and Conditions

#WWR edits written content to adhere to SEO best practices and UK grammar diction.

#WWR contributor contracts include copyright assignment and exclusive license to publish.

Assigning the copyright enables #WWR to:

  • Effectively manage, publish and make your work available to the academic community and beyond.
  • Act as stewards of your work as it appears in the scholarly record.
  • Handle reuse requests on your behalf.
  • Take action when appropriate where your article has been infringed or plagiarised.
  • Increase the visibility of your work through third parties.

Writers retain the right to:

  • Be credited as the author or remain anonymous.
  • Make printed copies of your work for a lecture or class you lead on a non-commercial basis.
  • Share your work with friends, colleagues and influential people you would like to read your work.
  • Include your work in your thesis or dissertation.
  • Present your work at a meeting or conference and distribute printed copies of the work on a non-commercial basis.

Podcast guests retain the right to:

  • Be credited as a participant or remain anonymous.
  • Request the “Collaboration” option on Instagram while #WWR uploads associated marketing material to @WWRdigital to allow publication on both of our accounts.
  • Re-share your episode or associated marketing material with friends, colleagues and influential people you would like to listen to your episode– crediting #WWR Digital Magazine, Women Who Rebrand – The Podcast, and tagging @WWRdigital on your social media platforms.
  • Request copies of your participation or marketing material for work for a lecture or class you lead on a non-commercial basis.
  • Include your participation or associated marketing material in your thesis or dissertation.
  • Present the episode or associated marketing material for work at a meeting or conference on a non-commercial basis.
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Affordable Advertising Placement 

Are you looking to reach a diverse audience of women and non-binary people with your advertising? #WWR can help you do just that! Our digital magazine provides tailored and cost-effective advertising options for brands, small businesses and podcasts, allowing you to create a unique and authentic connection with our readers.

At #WWR we don’t rely on algorithms to place ads; instead, we organically place them within relevant areas so that our readers know that we have their best interests at heart. Additionally, our magazine and podcast have a loyal and growing readership and listenership, and our content is trusted and respected.

We want to ensure businesses and retailers have plenty of options regarding their advertising, so we offer our services at an affordable price. Not only will your advertisement reach the right people, but it will also help us reach our goal of providing working opportunities for creatives and writers.

Invest in #WWR and get the chance to connect with our community in an organic and trusted way.


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