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March 20, 2023

Sareta welcomed London-based singer-songwriter and artist Luci P, also known as Lu.Ci on episode 44 of Women Who Rebrand. With her alternative electro sound that blends singing, rap and spoken word poetry, her lyrics are always deep, relatable, honest and vulnerable.

Lu.Ci is also an expert in marketing her personal brand online, particularly on TikTok. She shares her tips and tricks for the platform, and how she’s grown her following through techniques she’s developed. Plus, she talks about her inspiration to create music, the themes she explores in her work and how her experiences with ADHD have shaped her creative process.

She has featured her talent in some of the biggest magazines, such as Fame Magazine, Linq Mag, XS Noise and With Guitars. As well as BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Kent, Amazing Radio UK, Riverside Radio and Brooklands Radio.

Lu.Ci is now working on her first album, drawing inspiration from her past, present emotions, and future dreams.

Thanks to TikTok, Lu.Ci has gained a dedicated following and is even using the platform to help fund her current project. The payment scheme has enabled her to receive compensation for views and live sessions, with her fans even contributing to her recording sessions. It’s a great way to support this independent artist as she works hard to focus on her musical endeavours.

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Lu.Ci P - singer-songwriter and artist - TikTok Creative

Social Media Marketing on TikTok

Social media is a great way to build a personal brand. Creatives, from artists to music producers, can create an online presence that engages and effectively connects with others.

Having a personal brand on social media can help an individual stand out from the crowd, make them more visible, and help them build a positive reputation. It can also be used to express oneself and one’s values, build relationships and create a network of contacts.

TikTok is a great platform to use for social media marketing due to its broad reach and engaging content. With over 800 million active users, TikTok offers users an excellent opportunity to increase their visibility and reach potential fans and customers.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and quick videos make it an attractive platform for users to post content and engage with their audience. Additionally, TikTok offers features such as hashtags, trending topics, and influencers to help businesses reach their target audience and create a viral marketing campaign.

9 Strategies for Growing an Authentic Audience on TikTok

1. Post consistent, engaging content that reflects your unique personality and interests.

2. Use hashtags to reach a wider audience by researching popular hashtags and using them in your videos.

3. Follow and engage with other TikTok users with similar interests.

4. Create content encouraging interaction, such as Q&A sessions, challenges, or collaborations.

5. Leverage influencers to reach a larger audience by collaborating with them or having them mention your brand.

6. Post regularly and consistently to keep your followers engaged and interested in your content.

7. Take advantage of TikTok’s algorithm by posting content at optimal times of the day.

8. Track your performance and analyze your content performance to make improvements.

9. Promote your videos on other social media platforms to grow your reach.

True happiness lies in the freedom of expression.” – Lu.Ci

Lu.Ci is an artist with a creative spirit and innovative sound. Born and raised in London, her unique blend of singing and rap comes from a place of love and compassion for spoken word poetry.

Writing music is Lu.Ci’s true passion, and she is eager to share her talent with other artists.


Lu.Ci is a shining example of the power of self-expression. She uses her platform to create content for brands and small businesses while cultivating a loyal fan base that allows her to continue along her musical path.

Her TikTok presence provides her audience with an inspiring insight into her journey, including her comical interactions, ADHD quirks, creative skills, and interests like spiritual readings.

While referencing her fans as her “besties”, Lu.Ci is committed to authenticity and is a supportive influencer who encourages her followers to seek professional help if they need it.

Her empowering message is clear: true happiness really does lie in freedom of expression!

Lu.Ci P
Web: LuciP.co.uk
Spotify: Lu.Ci
IG: @Lu.ci_P
TikTok: @Lu.ci_P

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