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June 27, 2022

Danny Fontaine, a Creative Director at IBM, hosts Pitchmasters, a podcast that helps everyone – from big corporations to small businesses – win business. He knows the ins and outs of the sales game, having helped pitch multi-million-dollar deals to some of the world’s biggest brands.

But Danny doesn’t just share his knowledge with the big guys. He founded IBM’s Experiential Selling Team but also shares his wisdom with everyone through his podcast and social media platforms.

Danny brings creativity, sales psychology and behavioural science to the table. With his deep understanding of psychology, Danny believes that the same principles of pitching apply to everyone – from freelancers to major corporations.

This episode explores how to promote and hire talented women in the workplace. We hear from Danny about how to avoid tokenism and quotas and the best strategies for recruiting from a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Danny shares his insights on captivating an audience by emphasising emotion before information and ties it all back to Pixar’s classic movie, Toy Story!

Danny Fontaine - Women Who Rebrand
The way you pitch an idea is more important than the idea itself.” – Guy Kawasaki

Using Storytelling to Pitch Successfully in Business

Storytelling is an essential tool for success in pitching. A well-crafted story can capture the imagination of potential investors and customers and help convey a product’s or service’s value. It is a powerful way to make a lasting impression and help to differentiate a business from its competitors.

It’s a skill that requires practice and finesse. It is vital to craft stories that capture the essence of what makes a business unique. This could include the journey of the entrepreneurs, the challenges they have faced and overcome, or the innovative solutions they have developed. By weaving these elements together, a compelling story can be created that will resonate with the audience.

The art of storytelling within pitching can also be used to illustrate the potential of a business. By painting a vivid picture of the future, investors and customers can better understand the potential of the product or service. This can create excitement and enthusiasm that may lead to a successful outcome.

Storytelling can also help to establish trust. By highlighting the values and goals of the business, potential investors and customers can better understand the company’s mission and vision. Helping to create an emotional connection with the audience can be a powerful tool for success!

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Parents sell their kids on going to bed. Spouses sell their partners on mowing the lawn. We sell our bosses on giving us more money and more time off. And in astonishing numbers we go online to sell ourselves on Facebook, Twitter and profiles.

Relying on science, analysis and his trademark clarity of thought, Pink shows that sales isn’t what it used to be. Then he provides a set of tools, tips, and exercises for succeeding on this new terrain – including six new ways to pitch your idea, three ways to understand another’s perspective, five frames that can make your message clearer, and much more.

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Pitching in Business - Danny Fontaine - Women Who Rebrand

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Danny is on a mission to help everyone succeed in the business world.

Through his popular Pitch Masters podcast, Danny interviews the top minds of advertising, sales, and marketing to uncover the secrets of their success.

He is also passionate about inspiring creative career paths, promoting diversity, and elevating women in the IT industry. Danny’s message is invaluable whether you’re looking to pitch an idea or yourself!

LinkedIn: Danny Fontaine
TikTok: @PitchGuy
Instagram: @DannyFontaine

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