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February 14, 2022
Thinking about how to start a podcast? Do you want to get in on the know-how of podcasting?

Discover the insights from experienced podcasters, Sareta and Chioma, and gain valuable advice on starting your podcast journey. Find out what not to do when you embark on your new hobby or career.

In episode 10 of Women Who Rebrand, the hosts share everything they’ve discovered since launching their first podcast, Come Wine With Me! Join them as they reflect on their first steps into podcasting and how their experience with CWWM led them to create Women Who Rebrand.

After one year of producing the show, Sareta was determined to create a platform to provide a space for writers and creatives to come together, share stories, and learn more. That’s when was born: a website filled with insightful podcast episodes and accompanying posts and storytelling opportunities. 

Before you start working on your podcast, Sareta & Chioma invite you to join them during episode 10 to get some valuable insight. Learn the importance of having the right name, discovering your ‘why’ and understanding who your audience is. Plus, find out what equipment you need and how to generate revenue from your podcast. Tune in and discover all you need to know to make your podcast successful!

How to Start a Podcast - Sareta Fontaine & Chioma. Sareta is the Founder of Women Who Rebrand and #WWR Digital Magazine

*2023 UPDATE– We quickly learned the hard way that a name can make or break you!

After launching, we experienced a lot of pushback from people who didn’t understand the meaning behind the title. To ensure these issues didn’t persist, Sareta decided to abbreviate the name to After all, we’re about so much more than rebranding! So, the podcast title remains, but the new home is #WWR Digital Magazine.

@WomenWhoBrand has now moved to @WWRdigital on Instagram.


Thinking of Starting a Podcast? Consider these 11 Tips by #WWR

1. Are you ready to start your own podcast but don’t have the budget? It’s not a problem – you can create a podcast without spending a penny!

You may want a website to share podcast episodes and clips on social media, but you’ll need to decide how to reach your audience. Do you want to invest in boosting posts or advertising on other sites? Before you can do any of this, you need to consider the technical and design aspects.

Luckily, there are plenty of terrific websites with ready-made templates and themes, such as WIX or WordPress. If you’re not a graphic design whiz, you can use Canva to create artwork for your podcast.

2. Get creative and come up with a catchy title and concept that cleverly combines the two. Consider SEO when choosing your title. Place your podcast title within your domain name and social media handles for maximum impact!

3. Invest in the right equipment if you’re thinking about recording remotely! After all, you want your audience to be able to hear you loud and clear, so you’ll need a good microphone and a set of headphones.

Of course, a professional studio comes with its own advantages. But, other more cost-effective options exist if you’re trying to be smart with your budget. Investing in your own equipment may seem expensive, but it will be beneficial in the end.

4. Have a reliable WiFi connection. Don’t allow iffy internet connections to create robotic sounds and ruin your podcast recordings.

5. Are you hosting a podcast solo or inviting some special guests? If you want to add some outside expertise, check if you need to pay your guests for their time or travel expenses.

6. Know your target audience and understand their interests. They want to relate to you and your podcast.

7. Keep learning! YouTube videos, masterclasses, workshops, books and blog posts can help you understand the basics of podcasting. Check out Content is Queen, “The Club for Ambitious Podcasters”, for more information.

8. Bring your podcast to life with stunning cover art. Whether you design it yourself or enlist a graphic designer’s help, keep things simple – you don’t want your visuals to get lost in the shuffle. Many podcast platforms shrink or transform your artwork, so ensure that it will still look great when it gets miniaturised.

Additionally, ensure that your fonts and images are for commercial use to avoid legal troubles!

9. Do you want to get your podcast out there and heard by more people? Acast and Podbean are great options for hosting your podcast and connecting to popular platforms like Google, Apple, and Spotify.

Weigh out the pros and cons of each to decide which one is best for you – consider your budget, desired platforms, and plans to incorporate ads and monetise your episodes.

Don’t forget about YouTube! It’s a great platform to host your podcast by sharing a visual version of it or creating a cover image.

10. Make sure to plan out a realistic schedule to which you have the time to commit! Consider your target audience and what kind of frequency they would prefer.

Research shows that listeners are likelier to stay engaged with a podcast if it releases episodes consistently. So, make sure to plan ahead and choose a schedule that works best for you and your listeners.

11. Is there a song you’ve been playing on repeat? Keep it for your enjoyment, and don’t risk copyright issues by using it for your podcast. Instead, find royalty-free music online or consider hiring a professional producer like ours, Producer and DJ TYMZ TWO. Your podcast will thank you!


Follow these 11 tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful podcast!

Are you ready to take your podcasting skills to the next level?

The Podcast Show 2022 is the ultimate two-day festival for the global podcast community! This incredible event will feature pop-up stages, major guest appearances, keynotes, and exclusive partners – not to mention you’ll get to experience your favourite podcasts live in venues like The Union Chapel and Islington Assembly Hall.

Calling all female podcasters! Join us in London on Saturday, 18 June 2022, for the International Women’s Podcast festival , by Content is Queen– the perfect place to start or refine your podcast.

This one-day event brings together women from all over the world who are shaping the rapidly growing podcast world. Hear their inspiring stories, celebrate their successes, and connect with their brilliant minds – get your tickets now for the International Women’s Podcast Festival 2022. We’ll see you there! 

Podcasting has become the new way to connect with people and share stories in an intimate, powerful way.” – Jessica Abel

Podcasts can be described as a combination of radio, video and blogging and are typically created and broadcast independently. They can be found on various platforms, such as iTunes and Spotify, and sometimes include video content and audio.

Shows have become increasingly popular in the UK over recent years, with the podcast listening audience doubling since 2013. According to research from Ofcom, around 7 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts at least once a week, representing approximately 13% of the population. This figure rises to 19% for those between 25 and 34, suggesting that younger listeners are particularly drawn to podcasts.

As well as providing an entertaining form of media, podcasts can also be used to educate and inform listeners, making them an increasingly valuable form of content.

How to Start a Podcast - Sareta Fontaine - Founder of Women Who Rebrand and #WWR Digital Magazine


Sareta Fontaine, Writer, multi-award-winning creative and founder of  Women Who Rebrand & #WWR Digital Magazine.

She is making waves in the industry and is celebrated for her innovative approach to branding.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sareta and her work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram. Here you can find out more about her services, read about her career journey and connect with Sareta directly.

IG: @HeySareta

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