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March 28, 2022

With the launch of her business, The Realness in Business, Katty is helping Creative Entrepreneurs to reach the next level of success by enabling them to be just as effective in running their businesses as they are in mastering their Craft.

Katty shares her insights into how creative entrepreneurs can learn to understand the business side of their dreams and provide practical advice on how to make it work. We’re sure you’ll find her experience and advice valuable and inspiring, so join us to learn more!

During this week’s episode, Sareta and Chioma shared their excitement about the new season of Bridgerton, one of the most-watched Netflix series in the world.

Bridgerton returned on 25th March, and to mark the occasion, the ladies, thanks to Astrologer Lisa Stardust, determined which character they’d be in the context of the business world based on their star sign.

Sareta – Pisces
– Daphne Bridgerton

As a Pisces, Daphne Bridgerton constantly searches for the ideal regarding her relationships. She is not afraid to take risks and is looking for a partner who will work with her to build something that will have a lasting impact. Astrologer Lisa Stardust says, ‘Pisces have an open mindset, and they strive to create strong and meaningful partnerships that stand the test of time.’

Does this mean Sareta works in fields that have meaning and will make a long-lasting change in business?– #WWR thinks so!

Cee – Aries
– Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is the oldest sibling of the Bridgerton clan, which means that he always acts bossy — a relatable sentiment that describes every Ram.
Lisa says: ‘Anthony’s need to control the lives of his family and his own backfires swiftly because he learns to not go to battle with those he cares about and let them make their own decisions whether they’re good or bad.’

Chioma is the perfect example of how business and astrology can blend together. As a Talent Development Partner by day and small business owner and podcaster by night, it’s no surprise that Chioma’s astrological chart shows her being in charge and making risky but successful moves.
With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Chioma and Sareta make an ideal podcast duo.

For those looking for inspiration, Casumo is a great place to start – you can find out which Regency-era Duke or Duchess you’d be in society.

Business Coach - Katty Janneh

Advice from a Business Coach: Maximize Your Success as an Entrepreneur


Take calculated risks: Reaching success requires taking risks. Strive to make calculated decisions based on research and data rather than simply taking a chance.

Build relationships: Networking is essential for success. Build relationships with industry professionals who can offer advice, resources, and connections.

Stay organised: Ensure that you are well organised and have a plan for tackling projects and goals, both short-term and long-term.

Prioritise: Don’t spread yourself too thin by taking on too many projects. Instead, focus on the most important and strategic tasks.

Know your strengths: Identify your strengths and leverage them as you move forward.

Remain flexible: Be prepared to change and adapt as the market shifts.

Set goals: Set attainable goals and measure your progress to ensure you are staying on track.

Take care of yourself: Remember to take care of your mental and physical health. Entrepreneurship is demanding, and you must be in the best shape to succeed.

Don’t be afraid of the solitude that comes with raising your standards.” – Ebonee Davis

Katty has dedicated her career to helping others transition into their dream professions and gain the financial stability to live rather than just work.

In addition to teaching for various educational establishments over the years, Katty has also run a millinery business for almost 15 years and has organised exhibitions and pop-up stores featuring other creatives.

As an individual with a wealth of knowledge in crafts, fashion, and retail, Katty has developed business courses and workshops for creative minds who understand that to be successful; they need to focus on the business side of things.

Business Coach - Katty Janneh


Katty Janneh is a business coach who founded The Realness in Business to help Creative Entrepreneurs become as proficient in their business operations as they are in perfecting their craft.

Katty offers self-paced business courses to help creatives who are new to business or have been in it for a couple of years, and are tired of improvising. With her courses, you can reduce the number of bumps in the road and have a smoother journey. Keep up with Katty’s upcoming courses by following her on Instagram and visiting her website.

The Realness in Business
Web: TheRealnessInBusiness
IG: @TheRealnessInBusiness

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