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April 18, 2022

This week, Sareta and Chioma chatted about their marketing experiences. Chioma, who runs a design brand with her family, discussed how they adopt sustainable marketing practices. Sareta revealed her experiences and challenges working with PRs as a freelancer– it seems like some big brands could think more sustainably!

The ladies warmly welcome Marie-Claire Frederick, co-founder of Lemon Quarters Media, to discuss the significance of marketing and sustainability during Earth Week.

Marie-Claire shares her career path from teaching in Japan to launching a luxury handbag brand to self-employment. She also speaks about the Nurture Network, a 500+ strong female network she co-founded to inspire business leaders.

The ladies explore how businesses can market themselves while being mindful of digital and environmental waste. Finally, Marie-Claire reveals the one thing you can do as an individual to be more sustainable – don’t miss it!

marketing sustainably

Sustainable marketing is an approach to business that prioritises environmental responsibility in promoting products and services. This type of marketing seeks to minimise the ecological footprint of producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services.

It involves using renewable materials, reducing packaging waste, advertising digitally, and emphasising product longevity.


How Small Businesses Can Create Positive Change Through Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Small businesses can help protect the planet for future generations by reducing their environmental footprint. Additionally, by committing to ethical practices, small businesses can build trust with their customers and create a positive reputation in their communities.

There are many ways that small businesses can adopt sustainable and ethical practices. One of the most effective is to focus on energy efficiency. They can switch to LED lighting, use renewable energy sources like solar or wind power, and take advantage of natural light whenever possible. Switching will reduce energy costs and help lower carbon emissions associated with traditional electricity sources.

Another way small businesses can become more sustainable is by reducing waste production and increasing recycling efforts. They should be conscious of how much packaging they use and look into reusable or recyclable materials when possible. Businesses should also consider implementing a composting program or partnering with local organisations that accept gently used items for donations instead of sending them straight to the landfill.

Small business owners should strive for ethical business practices by treating employees fairly, paying them living wages, and providing good working conditions and benefits such as health insurance or paid time off work when needed. Businesses should also be mindful of sourcing materials from suppliers who adhere to fair labour standards so that workers are not exploited in any way.

Additionally, companies should be transparent about their operations so customers know exactly where their products come from and how they were produced before buying them.

By adopting sustainable and ethical practices, small businesses can make a huge difference in protecting our planet while building trust with customers through responsible business operations.

Amazing things happen when women stand for other women.” – Nurture Network

The Nurture Network are committed to bridging the skills gap and promoting diversity and inclusivity in entrepreneurship and business.

They provide a platform for female entrepreneurs and business professionals from all backgrounds – regardless of age, sector or location – to come together, share their experiences, mentor one another, learn from each other, and be informed through content-driven resources.

Through their online and offline roundtable events, they seek to inspire a generation of female leaders by giving them a seat at the table.

marketing sustainably


With over two decades in TV advertising, content marketing, and the events industry, Marie-Claire Frederick is passionate about storytelling and finding creative ways to capture her audience’s attention.

She has worked with renowned agencies such as Havas Worldwide, RAPP UK, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Marie-Claire co-created Lemon Quarters – a practice that provides tailor-made content for clients such as Reuters, Concur, Pay Check, Ziglu, Tide Bank, British Business Bank and Sync Money.

To learn more about her work, follow Marie-Claire on Instagram or visit Lemon Quarters.

Lemon Quarters
IG: @the_nurture_network

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