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April 11, 2022

In preparation to talk about modern maternity with this week’s guest, Sareta and Chioma share their experiences as parents.

As it’s the Easter break, they share what they’ve been doing with their kids. The sudden realisation hits– they may have achieved middle-class status due to their hilariously ‘bouji kids’ tastes, including Lindt Chocolate and trips to the restaurant, Burger and Lobster.

Sareta and Chioma are joined by Nikita Akilapa, a specialist in modern maternity antenatal care. Together, they explore the impact of past maternity practices in their own birthing experiences as Black women living in the UK. They also delve into the shocking statistics that show Black women are four times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth – a topic that needs urgent attention.

Nikita Akilapa is passionate about helping birthing people have the best possible experience during the pre and post-natal period.

After leaving a career in PR and Marketing, she has since dedicated her time to becoming a Yoga Teacher, Doula, Hypnobirthing and Breastfeeding Instructor. She is committed to providing support to those who need it most. Her passion for positive birth stories is evident when scrolling through her Instagram feed of beautiful images.

She’s a mother of two beautiful kids and a specialist providing emotional, educational and physical assistance throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. She’s the go-to source, an expert in birthing needs!

The ladies had an interesting discussion about Nikita’s work as a Doula and the range of support she provides. Did you know that physiological birth and vaginal birth are two different things? Or that Doulas can even support caesarean section births?

They discussed how giving birth doesn’t have to be traumatic and the importance of ante-natal education. The hosts shared their own caesarean section birth experiences, linking to their surprise that Doulas can support this birthing method.

Nikita also gave her take on the inequalities for Black and brown women within maternity care in the NHS MBRRACE-UK Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care Report, 2021. It was an eye-opening conversation!

modern maternity

The Benefits of Hiring a Doula in Modern Maternity Care

Increased satisfaction with the birth experience

Studies have shown that women with a Doula present during labour and delivery report higher satisfaction levels with their birth experience than those without one.

Reduced need for pain relief medications

Women who use a Doula during labour and delivery are less likely to require pain relief medications, such as epidurals, than those without one.

Shorter labour times

Research has found that women who use a Doula tend to have shorter labours.

Lower rates of cesarean sections

Studies have found that women who use a Doula are less likely to require an unplanned cesarean section than those without.

Improved breastfeeding success rates

Women who use a Doula tend to be more successful in establishing and continuing breastfeeding after childbirth than those without one due to increased support from the Doula throughout the process.

Reduced risk of postpartum depression

Women who use a Doula are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression due to increased emotional support provided by their Doulas throughout the pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period.

I’m a first-time expectant mum, and I was extremely anxious about labour. I started looking for relaxation techniques at the beginning of my second trimester; I was so lucky to have found Nikita.” – Kin Ly

Nikita can help you transition to parenthood with her 4-week Hypnobirthing course in North London. Nikita is dedicated to providing a comfortable, safe, empowering experience for all her clients. She’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to advocate for your birth plan or preferences during labour. With Nikita’s expert guidance, you can prepare for your baby’s arrival with peace of mind.

Her modern maternity classes provide comprehensive antenatal education, arming you with the knowledge to make educated choices and feel confident in your ability to birth calmly, gently, and naturally. She shares the latest scientific and midwifery research on positive birth stories, birthing postures, guided relaxations, breathing techniques, natural comfort measures, advocacy and birthing rights through her sessions.

She also helps birth partners understand their essential role in providing support throughout the process.

Nikita Akilapa - modern maternity


Say goodbye to fear and anxiety around your birthing experience with Nikita’s help! It’s never too early or too late to join her classes – recommended for 20-25 weeks.

Her next classes start from 8th-29th, 3:00-5:30 pm in Tufnell Park this May 2022. Invest in yourself and your future with this amazing experience for £300.

Discover the power of Nikita’s modern maternity courses – visit her website or follow her on Instagram for birth stories, information and updates about upcoming classes.

Nikita Akilapa Birth Services
Web: NikitaAkilapa.com
IG: @NikitaAkilapa_Birth

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