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October 28, 2022

The topic of discussion during episode 35 on the Women Who Rebrand Podcast is raising Girls; our future leaders. Co-hosts Sareta and Cee were joined by Abi Wright. Abi is the Co-Founder of Festival of The Girl, the Founder and Director of She Stands, and the Co-Founder and Director of Arrive in Politics.

The Festival of The Girls’ mission

The 7-11 age range is a pivotal stage of development for Girls and is increasingly influenced by societal and peer pressures. Research shows that by age 6, Girls’ confidence is significantly lower than boys’. By age 11, Girls are already struggling with low self-esteem and negative body image issues. We want to impact these Girls by creating a resilient foundation before they start secondary school. By now, Girls are surrounded by more prevalent gender stereotyping and higher social media exposure.

Let’s give younger girls their day – emulating International Women’s Day, which is now highly celebrated in March.

We aim to help Girls and their families converse around these sometimes complex topics in a fun and accessible way. As parents ourselves, we want to be equipped to help raise our Girls less stereotypically, and we want you to be too.

Girls are our future change makers, so together, we must do all we can to create a gender-equal society. Our mission is to engage Girls from a young age to ensure they realise their full potential.

During episode 35, Abi shared how she met the co-founder Jen at a networking event and said it felt like they’d met before, like kindred spirits, maybe?
The pair also met Laura, who was also interested in joining forces.

Combining their career experiences and passions was inevitable. It led to the creation of an initiative to help to inspire our future female generations. Their goals were aligned, and the three Women founded Festival Of The Girl.

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We always said we wanted the Girls to come and have fun, try something new, and leave feeling good about themselves…we wanted just to really show them what’s out there. I guess it is a career event for kids!“–Abi Wright

Cee and her Daughter attended the 4th Festival in October ’22, and both had a fantastic time. Cee was pleasantly surprised about how genuinely engaged her Daughter was, she spoke to contributors such as Safe Passage, which help child refugees access their rights, and How to Become A Jedi, Light Sabre Combat Academy. Cee’s Daughter loved it all!

There was a superb mixture of physical activities and a range of collaborators which allowed Girls to open their eyes to see the world’s opportunities. Incredible people volunteered on the day to help inspire and motivate Girls in an informative and fun way.

Her Daughter left wanting more and Cee suggested a Festival Of The Girl Weekender, which Abi and the rest of the team would love to do, of course. However, as a not-for-profit initiative, Abi explained that they rely heavily on donations and volunteers to run the Festival.

Hopefully, by sharing the word, donating, volunteering, and attending the event, the Festival will continue to grow and reach even more Girls across the UK and, yes, hopefully for an entire weekend!

Abi’s dream is to run Festival Of The Girl worldwide, with a free online hub that allows access if they can’t attend.

Audio – Nat Alise

Where To Find Festival Of The Girl



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Do You Want To Support The Festival Of The Girl?


The Festival of The Girl is a not-for-profit initiative built with passion, not funding. If you want to support their work with a donation, it will help them reach more Girls and their families.

With your help, they can make sure that all Girls are supported through primary school and that they feel happy, confident and excited to follow their dreams.

Festival Of The Girl

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