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May 22, 2023

Let’s talk about Sex! Get ready for an engaging and eye-opening episode of Women Who Rebrand!

Sareta is joined by the incredible Bima Loxley, a Clinical Sexologist who specialises in helping individuals, couples, and multiple-partnered relationships. Together, they dive deep into the amazing benefits of sex and relationship therapy while tackling some important topics.

Bima, a Queer Clinical Sexologist, sheds light on what it means to be Queer and what that means to their clients. The pair explore the intersectionality and unique experiences that shape Bima’s work, challenging misconceptions and promoting understanding and acceptance of queer sex and sexuality.

During this episode, they explore the essential topics surrounding sexuality in the queer community, diverse experiences, identities, and challenges individuals face.

You might be wondering, is sex therapy only for couples? Bima has the answer. They discuss how sex therapy can benefit single individuals, supporting personal growth, exploration, and understanding. For those struggling with sexual identity and self-esteem, Bima’s valuable advice will provide guidance and encouragement on navigating these challenges and embracing your authentic self.

Ready to broaden your horizons? We’ll explore the different types of relationships Bima works with, from couples to multiple-partnered relationships and non-monogamous arrangements. Gain a deeper understanding of these relationship structures’ dynamics and unique considerations.

Get ready to expand your understanding and embrace a world of possibilities!

Not only is the episode available on all great podcast platforms, but the full visual episode is available to watch on YouTube.

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Sex and Relationship Therapy

Sexual Connections Explained

Sexual relationships can vary widely based on the preferences, agreements, and dynamics between the individuals involved. Here are some different types of sexual relationships and a brief explanation of what they generally mean:

Monogamous Relationships

In a monogamous relationship, two individuals are committed to each other exclusively and engage in sexual activities exclusively with each other. Monogamy often signifies emotional and sexual exclusivity, with the expectation of fidelity and long-term commitment.

Open Relationships

An open relationship is characterised by a primary partnership where individuals are emotionally committed to each other but have agreed to explore sexual or romantic connections with others outside of the relationship. The terms and boundaries of these relationships can vary, ranging from limited sexual encounters to ongoing secondary relationships.

Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamory refers to having multiple consensual and ethical romantic or sexual relationships simultaneously. Polyamorous relationships can involve more than two individuals who may be emotionally and sexually involved with one another, with the consent and awareness of all parties involved. It emphasises the potential for deep emotional connections with multiple partners.

Friends with Benefits

This type of relationship involves friends who engage in sexual activities without a romantic commitment or expectations of a traditional romantic relationship. The emphasis is on the physical aspect of the relationship rather than emotional connection or long-term commitment.

Casual/No-Strings-Attached Relationships

Casual or no-strings-attached relationships focus on short-term sexual encounters without expecting emotional attachment or commitment. It typically involves consenting adults engaging in sexual activities with mutual understanding and agreement that the relationship remains casual and non-exclusive.

Asexual Relationships

An asexual relationship involves individuals identifying as asexual, meaning they experience little or no sexual attraction to others. Asexual relationships may involve emotional intimacy, companionship, and non-sexual forms of physical affection while acknowledging and respecting the asexual individual’s lack of sexual desire.

BDSM or Kink Relationships

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) or kink relationships involve individuals who engage in consensual power dynamics, role-playing, and sexual activities outside conventional sexual practices. These relationships often emphasise trust, communication, and negotiation of boundaries and limits.

It’s essential to recognise that the meanings and dynamics of sexual relationships can vary greatly depending on the individuals involved. Communication, consent, and mutual understanding of expectations and boundaries are crucial in any sexual relationship to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of all parties involved.

I work in an Integrative & Humanistic way, which means my approach within sex & relationship therapy is tailored to you. I assess your needs and work in a way that will help you best.” – Bima Loxley, Queer Clinical Sexologist.

Bima Loxley is a passionate and qualified Psychosexual and Relationship therapist, certified sex educator, and a Master’s student in Relationship Studies. Bima, who identifies as queer, gnc (gender non-conforming), and non-binary, brings a fresh and empowering perspective to their work. Their pronouns are they/them, reflecting their commitment to inclusivity and respect.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Bima can guide you through the complexities of sex, relationships, and self-discovery. They hold the necessary insurance and adhere to the ethical guidelines of COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists). Bima’s dedication to continuous professional development ensures that their practice is up-to-date and informed by the latest research and insights.

Bima’s impact reaches far beyond the therapy room. They are a sought-after speaker and collaborator, sharing their insights and expertise on sex and relationships. Their contributions include appearances in MTV’s documentary “Amy Winehouse & Me,” where they spoke about bereavement as a spokesperson for Cruse. They’ve also participated in engaging online events like “Talk Dirty To Me” alongside Zoe Kors, diving into candid discussions about sex and intimacy. Additionally, Bima has taken part in in-person panels, such as “Let’s Open Up” with Hanx & Leith, where they joined forces with other experts to shed light on Vaginismus.

Bima Loxley - Queer Sex and Relationships therapist


Bima Loxley is a Queer Clinical Sexologist who provides therapy for individuals, couples and multiple partnered relationships.

Driven by a fascination with neuroscience, Bima unravels the mysteries of the brain and its impact on our behaviours and emotions. But they don’t stop at biology alone; Bima recognises the importance of embracing the full range of our human experience. Taking a holistic approach, they help you understand the intricate interplay between biology, emotions, and relationships, empowering you to accept and love your whole self.

Bima tailors their therapy to meet your unique needs. Drawing from various therapeutic styles, including Psychosexual Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Human Givens Therapy, Somatic approaches (without touch), Couples Counselling, Mindfulness, Transactional Analysis, Solutions Focused Therapy, and Systemic therapy, Bima crafts a personalised and effective treatment plan.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Join Bima Loxley as they guide you toward a healthier, more fulfilling sexual and relational life. With their passion, expertise, and inclusive approach, you can trust that you’re in capable hands. Get ready to unlock your true potential and embrace the joy of authentic self-expression.

Bima Loxley
IG: @LoxleySexology

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