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Solo Travel Destinations To Reset, Recharge And Reenergise

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Thinking of travelling solo

Written by Char xo

Is solo travel on your bucket list?

According to pathologist Dr Angela Grice there are many benefits of solo travelling. In an article from The New York Times, she says, “Cultivating this sense of being alone and making the choice to be alone can help you to develop who you are, your sense of self, and what your true interests are.”

The experience of unfettered freedom is priceless. While alone with your thoughts, you have the time to explore new sights and cultures. You’ll have space to set those new goals and intentions for the year ahead. Or reassess your career journey, and take a moment to question if you’re on the right path.

You can, of course, keep yourself to yourself and recharge by the pool, but imagine the possibilities of making new friends! Extend your social circles this year and have another reason to revisit your favourite places across the pond.

Affordable luxury lover & Travel Blogger, Char, shares her ‘Memoirs & Musings‘ recommending top solo travel destinations on #WWR Digital Magazine.

Given the past few years, the world coming to a stop, the news cycle seemingly getting worse and worse, and everything being ‘unprecedented’, I am prescribing everyone a solo trip in 2023.

Solo travel is about doing whatever you want, somewhere far away or close to home (if you prefer). Below you will find four solo travel destinations to reset, recharge and reenergise this year. I have visited them over the past 3 years, and they have been given my seal of approval.


In the eyes of ‘everyone’, the Maldives is often reserved as a honeymoon destination, but life is way too short to wait for these milestones and moments.

It’s time we all change the narrative of destinations, and I would like you to follow suit. If you wait for people or a certain point in life, you’ll be waiting forever. I’d also like to add what spurred me on the visit was finding an absolutely insane deal, so that’s, of course, a factor. The details can be found on my blog, Memoirs & Musings.

There isn’t much to do in The Maldives other than relax, indulge in some water activities and take a trip to the spa. If you want to be alone in a beautiful place, pack your swimsuit, a strong SPF and a trashy book because The Maldives needs to see your cheeks this year (not just the ones on your face).

Solo Travel Destinations,<br />
female solo travel

Navigating Tokyo solo might seem overwhelming, but you will ease into it. I highly recommend grabbing a SUICA card as soon as you land, as this is your gateway to getting around the city. Ditch a physical map and download Google Maps or City Mapper.” – Char, Memoirs & Musings Blogger


When you visualise the city of Tokyo, you often think of the bright lights of Shibuya Crossing and whilst that is one aspect of this magical city, there is so much more to see. From Harajuku to Shinjuku, fish markets, and Pokémon cafes, Tokyo is somewhere I implore every solo female traveller to recharge their batteries. You’ll be lit up in no time.

Eating is a huge part of Asian culture and is no different in Tokyo. If anything, it’s perfect for the solo traveller. Instead of sitting alone at a bar, you can sit alone at a noodle bar amongst many other solo diners. No one looks at you off if you ask for a table or stall for one, either. Remember to order some sake.

From the skyscrapers to the temples to the bustling Tsukiji fish market – Tokyo is a melting pot of culture, and it is time you have a taste.



Have you ever wanted to be alone in nature? Touch some grass somewhere else? The Portuguese island is the destination for you. Madeira is perfect for a 4/5 day trip, and you can easily pack in a little of everything this island offers. You can reset in paradise with black sand beaches and hiking trails for days.

And for those who want to get in a bit of history, the cobbled streets of the island’s capital, Funchal, will keep you busy. For those who wish to simply recharge in nature, book yourself on a sunset catamaran cruise for the chance to see whales and dolphins up close whilst the sun goes down.

Of course, recharging and resetting go hand in hand with a trip to the spa. Visit the spa at Hotel the Vine and try the ‘Madeira Wine Massage’, which is perfect after a day of hiking or swimming. You will be glad to know that the massage does, indeed, come with a glass of Madeira wine.


Eat, stay, and laugh. The Balinese island is famed for its lush rice fields, jungles, mountains, and gorgeous beaches; it has everything. Not only that, it has plenty to keep you occupied (or not) in search of recharging your human battery. Bali has so much to offer; I’ve itemised the best bits for a solo trip below:

  • Visit The Yoga Barn for classes to rejuvenate and bring peace back into your life. You may want to try the: ‘The 3 Day Back into Balance Retreat’. “A transformative personal development journey designed to allow the opportunity to pause, reflect and come back into our natural state of being: “balance and harmony.”–
  • Aerial yoga at The Conrad Hotel, Nusa Dua.
  • Flower bath and spa treatment at The Udaya Hotel, Ubud.
  • Mount Batur sunrise trek.
  • Pool day at The Ritz Carlton, Nusa Dua.

You could easily spend a week or month in Bali, and you may find that it won’t be enough time. The long flight is absolutely worth it.

What prescription will you be taking this year?

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