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July 4, 2022
Ilona Bannister is an American immigrant, qualified US attorney, and UK solicitor turned author. Ilona grew up on Staten Island and lived in New York City until she married her British partner and moved to London. She practised immigration law in the UK before taking a career break to raise her two young sons and unexpectedly found herself writing fiction. When I Ran Away is her first novel, and Little Prisons is her second.  
Ilona’s first book, When I Ran Away, tackled love, mental health and motherhood against the backdrop of 9/11. Her latest novel, Little Prisons, is a book about immigration that addresses domestic workers, coercive control, mental health and loneliness. Nevertheless, there are laugh-out-loud moments in both.
As a so-called “neurotypical” individual, Ilona has reflected on the influence that her neurodiverse family has had on her, unlocking her creativity in ways she never thought possible.
Her books reflect her life and are heavily influenced by the lives of those around her.  Topics discussed during this episode: 

  • Writing a book through a pandemic.
  • The unexpected benefits of living with a neurodiverse family.   
  • The UK’s current immigration process and what we can do to support the lives of struggling refugees.  
  • The recent overturning of the Roe v Wade decision by the US Supreme Court and what it means for women in the States and across the world. 

Sareta and Chioma love Ilona’s heart and her compassion. Ilona’s advice to those wanting to rebrand themselves is that patience is key and nothing is a failure, because we are all informed by our experiences and those experiences, even if we don’t realise it at the time, help to take us to the next level. 

Iloma Bannister - When I Ran Away, Little Prisons
“It’s like being in a room with Jack Black and Robin Williams and Jim Carrey doing their standup all at once. It’s chaotic, frenetic and hilarious. It’s life with three people who think outside the box, all the time because very often they have forgotten the box or lost the box or just found another box much more interesting. And it has made me – a neurotypical, type-A rule-follower, squarely-in-the-box operator, former spelling bee champion and perpetual list-maker – into a much more fluid person and creative thinker, willing to let go of my rigid routines. My family have shown me the beauty and freedom of thinking differently. My older son has been diagnosed with dyslexia and some attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) behaviours that make focusing a challenge. My younger son has recently been referred for ADHD assessment and has had a diagnostic Qb test pointing toward its likelihood. There will be an evaluation and occupational therapy when regular schooling resumes. But it is clear he has difficulty focusing, and when we review the checklist of symptoms, they all feel very familiar. ADHD and dyslexia often coexist in a person’s learning profile, and they are genetic. When asked if anyone else in the family has them, I point at the guy in the top hat, who is also the smartest person I have met. As with many people our age, however, any issues my husband had as a child weren’t diagnosed. In the UK, it’s estimated that 2-5% of children have ADHD. The prevalence among adults is 3-4%, but the majority of cases are undiagnosed.” – Ilona Bannister  

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Where to find Ilona Bannister, Author of When I Ran Away and Little Prisons.

Web: Instagram: @ilona.bannister Twitter: @ilonabannister    

Written by #WWR

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