Breaking Free from Codependency: Understanding Attachment Styles E45

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March 27, 2023
We are so excited to welcome Ayana Ali, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and coach, on Women Who Rebrand this week to discuss attachment styles and the reality of codependent relationships.

Ayana is passionate about helping others find freedom from worry and anxiety. As a survivor and expert in her field, she empowers clients to use their inner wisdom to make life-changing shifts. Using various theories and ideas, Ayana creates an eclectic and sacred space to help guide her clients through their journey.

She provides telehealth services for individuals, couples, and groups and offers clinical supervision and consultation. Her services are for everyone, but she pays special attention to the unique needs of black and brown women and their communities.

Ayana’s honest and direct approach helps her clients get to the heart of their issues. She is here for those ready to change and challenge themselves to grow into their highest self. With Ayana, you can expect to be supported and enlightened on your journey.

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Breaking Free from Codependency: Understanding Attachment Styles 45

What’s your Attachment Style?

1. When in a relationship, how would you describe your level of trust in your partner?
a. I trust my partner completely and never feel the need to question them.
b. I trust my partner but sometimes have a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right.
c. I don’t trust my partner and am constantly questioning their actions.

2. How do you handle arguments in a relationship?
a. I try to avoid arguing at all costs.
b. I express my feelings openly and honestly.
c. I become defensive and try to shut down the conversation.

3. How do you handle rejection in a relationship?
a. I immediately withdraw and isolate myself.
b. I try to understand why I was rejected and learn from it.
c. I become angry and lash out.

4. How do you show your affection in a relationship?
a. I like to lavish my partner with gifts and surprises.
b. I express my feelings through thoughtful acts and words.
c. I don’t really show affection in a relationship.

5. When your partner is feeling down, how do you respond?
a. I immediately try to cheer them up and make them smile.
b. I listen and offer support and understanding.
c. I ignore them and pretend I don’t notice.

Answer Key:
Mostly A’s: You may have an anxious attachment style.
Mostly B’s: You may have a secure attachment style.
Mostly C’s: You may have an avoidant attachment style.

Do you have an Anxious or Avoidant attachment style, or do you have reoccurring challenges within your relationships that you’d like to work on?

Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) is invaluable for helping people understand and manage the attachment styles that shape their relationships.

It is a powerful way to explore the underlying emotions and assumptions that inform how we interact with others. At its core, EFT creates a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to identify and help them to accept and recognise the impact of their attachment styles on their relationships and to work through any associated feelings of hurt, fear, or confusion.

EFT also allows individuals to gain insight into forming and maintaining relationships. Through this process, they can learn how to better recognize and respond to their own and others’ emotional needs. This understanding can help them to build healthier, more fulfilling relationships.


I will only walk alongside you on your journey and bring light.” – Ayana Ali, LCSW and Coach.
Ayana is an inspiring survivor and light-bringer who works tirelessly to help others live free from worry and fear.

With her expertise, Ayana helps her clients look inwardly and work introspectively to bring about a positive shift in their lives. She guides them in illuminating the parts kept in the dark, allowing them to shine.

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Breaking Free from Codependency: Understanding Attachment Styles 45


Ayana is a qualified, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and coach.

She provides individual, group, and infertility/pregnancy loss supervision and contract-based services like partnering with communities and businesses, leading groups, and conducting workshops. 

Discover the power of living a life you love with the help of Ayana. Begin your journey of exploration and fulfilment today and reclaim your life. With her assistance, create a life full of magic, joy, purpose and connection.

Ayana A Ali, Qualified, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Web:
IG: @AyanaAliLCSW

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