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May 16, 2022
It’s National Vegetarian Week, and we’re celebrating by dedicating this episode to non-meat food discussions! Join Sareta and Chioma as they chat with a special guest, author, professional chef, and Vegan, Tomi Makanjuolabut.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa), Tomi has been passionate about food since she was a child. She turned vegan for health and animal welfare reasons back in 2013.

Tomi is the creator of ‘The Vegan Nigerian’, a platform dedicated to making Nigerian cuisine and the vegan lifestyle accessible to the mainstream.

She also offers personal vegan coaching to aspiring vegans, hosts pop-up events & restaurants, conducts live cookery workshops & demonstrations, and offers Nigerian food at markets & festivals around London & southeast England – plus, she has her own cookbook called Vegan Nigerian Kitchen available for purchase on all reputable sites.

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about Tomi’s inspiring journey to becoming a successful vegan chef – you never know who might get converted after hearing her story!

Vegan diet

Experience Vibrant Health and Wellness with a Vegan Diet

Vegan diets are packed with health and wellness benefits! Eating a plant-based diet can help you feel energised, nourished and vibrant.

You’ll get plenty of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants from nutrient-dense plant foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains. Plus, vegan diets are naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol free – great for supporting heart health.

Eating vegan also has environmental benefits as it helps reduce water usage and contributes to a lower carbon footprint. So why not give it a try? With so many delicious vegan recipes, you’re sure to find something that will tantalise your taste buds.


Tips for Making the Switch to a Vegan Plant-Based Diet

1. Start slow – don’t try to go vegan overnight. Begin by experimenting with vegan recipes and gradually increase your plant-based meals over time.

2. Learn how to read food labels – look for hidden animal products like casein (milk protein) or whey (dairy protein).

3. Stock up on staples – keep your pantry stocked with vegan staples like grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and nut kinds of butter, so you always have something healthy to eat when you’re in a rush.

4. Find alternatives – find vegan substitutes for your favourite animal-based products such as cheese, yoghurt or ice cream.

5. Get creative in the kitchen – explore new recipes and flavours. There are endless possibilities when creating delicious vegan dishes – get creative and have fun!

“I can honestly say that leaping into a plant-based lifestyle was one of the most important and beneficial decisions I have ever made.” – Tomi Makanjuola

Are you considering switching to a vegan lifestyle but feeling overwhelmed by all the questions? Tomi is here to help!

With six years of experience living vegan, she’s an expert on navigating the transition and can provide tailored support that’s perfect for you.

From learning how to balance meals for optimal nutrition to shopping for vegan ingredients and handling social situations, Tomi will help you demystify veganism and make lasting positive changes.



Tomi, a Nigerian-born vegan chef and blogger based in London, is passionate about creating delicious plant-based recipes inspired by her West African cultural heritage.

With The Vegan Nigerian, she offers easy-to-make dishes that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more!

The Vegan Nigerian
Web: The Vegan Nigerian
IG: @VeganNigerian

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