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Exploring London’s Most Delicious Eateries with Yasmine Saoirse – Creator of ‘Wandering Eatz’

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Are you a content creator, blogger or foodie looking to take your work to the next level? Then you won’t want to miss this exclusive interview on WWR Digital with Yasmine Saoirse.

In this fascinating conversation, Yasmine shares her story and the motivation behind her new venture, ‘Wandering Eatz’, gatherings designed for content creators, bloggers, and foodies alike.

Uncover how she took her background in fashion and transformed it into an exciting event that allows users to take their creative projects to the next level.

Join us as we uncover all the details of this innovative venture – from its inception to what we can expect from it in the future.

Yasmine Saoirse is a creative powerhouse passionate about fashion, photography, travel and more.

The Londoner has a passion for all things creative, which is why you can’t pin her expertise down to one thing!

After studying at The London College of Fashion and working as a tour guide in the city, she set out on her own journey while also managing her various hidden disabilities.

Fast forward to now, and Yasmine has launched her blog, ‘Wandering With,’ where she shares her incredible adventures in London and from around the world. Sareta, the founder of WWR Digital, caught up with Yasmin and friends during the first ‘Wandering With’ event, a ‘Galentines Special’, at Feya Cafe.

Yasmine discussed her exciting new venture, ‘Wandering Eatz’, where she intends to invite fellow content creators, bloggers or foodies to join her while exploring the most prestigious and beautiful eateries in London. Recently, Yasmine has been busy crafting something special – ‘Wandering Eatz’.

This membership-based initiative is the perfect opportunity for content creators, bloggers, and foodies to join Yasmine in exploring the most delicious eateries London offers. You no longer have to worry about interrupting your friends or partners mid-conversation to ask them to pose for a photo – with Yasmine’s membership, you can create content in style while meeting other like-minded creatives and dine at some of the most prestigious restaurants. With beautiful decor worthy of sharing on social media, you can now snap away without worrying about your friend’s awkward smiles or tired expressions – you’ll be surrounded by inspirational creatives who will motivate and inspire you while you take your perfect shot!

Yasmine spread the Galentine’s Day love like a boss, giving everyone a delightful heart-shaped goodie bag full of goodies that made us all squeal with delight! We can only imagine what kinds of surprises she’ll have for us at her next event – it’s sure to be something extra special.

London Wandering Eatz
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

SARETA: What motivated you to launch ‘Wandering With’ and share your adventures?

YASMIN: I have always been keen on taking photos, creating art and sharing fun facts about the places I love. It felt like the perfect way to link several of my passions.

What are some of the most exciting eateries you’d like to explore with Wandering Eatz?

Oh, there are so many! Top of my list has to be the restaurant in Berkeley Square. Bacchanalia. As well as Bob Bob Ricard. From their aesthetic to their menus. They look, sound and I’m sure, taste amazing!

Are there plans to take Wandering Eatz outside London and explore overseas destinations?

Yes! For sure, it’s on the cards. But let’s take London first!

What inspired you to create Wandering Eatz?

Ha! That moment when I’m out with someone, and instead of looking excited when our food arrives, they roll their eyes.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in launching this project?

So far, the biggest challenge has been getting the word out!

How has your background in fashion helped shape the vision for Wandering Eatz?

I think it has made me extra particular about the aesthetics of possible restaurants to visit.

What can members expect when joining the Wandering Eatz community?

A supportive network of like-minded creatives who love food almost as much as they love photographing it!

What measures are you taking to ensure that Wandering Eatz is inclusive and accessible to all, including sober individuals, those with disabilities, or who have particular dietary requirements?

I want Wandering Eatz to be accessible and welcoming to all. I will be looking into the accessibility and menus of each venue and ensuring that it works for those attending. I intend to ensure that some establishments we visit specialise in sober occasions.

How do you hope to grow and expand the platform in 2023 and beyond?

By inviting creators far and wide to join us in eating and creating great content and food.

Wandering Eatz


Are you looking for a unique way to connect with fellow content creators? Look no further! Wandering Eatz is the perfect London-based dining club for you!

Every month, join us as we explore the city’s most delicious eateries and create amazing content together. Make friends, share stories and capture stunning visuals – all in one place!

Follow @wandering.eatz on Instagram and fill out their Google form to get started. Let’s make some memories – together!

Facebook @wandering.eatz
TikTok @wandering.eatz


Galentine’s Day – 2023

‘Wandering Eatz’, gatherings designed for content creators, bloggers, and foodies alike.
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