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January 17, 2021

Sareta and Chioma are ready to take you on an adventure! Join them as they launch the new podcast, Women Who Rebrand.

In the midst of these uncertain and trying times, the two friends come together to discuss what’s going on in the world and share their hopes for the future. Although the effects of Covid have put the world on hold, the new hosts remain focused on creating something positive.

Get ready for an entertaining journey full of lively conversations and thought-provoking topics. Come along for the ride as Sareta and Chioma adjust to the new normal!

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Women Who Rebrand New Podcast

The Rebrand E1

Are you ready to join Sareta and Chioma as they explore the trials and tribulations of personal rebranding? – AKA growth.

On the Women Who Rebrand podcast, you’ll hear honest and humorous conversations about the transitional phases we experience to become our most authentic selves. The podcast covers everything from marriage to divorce, ending a job and starting a new career.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired with Sareta and Chioma as they uncover the stories of ‘rebranders’ and kick off their series with a look at the transformation of Jesy Nelson from Little Mix singer to Hip-hop queen!

What’s In A Name? E2

On this week’s episode of “Women Who Rebrand,” Sareta and Chioma explore the power of a name.

From their own experiences of name changes in real life and on social media to the transformative effects a name can have on someone’s identity and the way they are viewed by others, the duo dive deep into the importance of names.

Plus, they play a fun game of “Guess The Celebrity From Their Real Name!” Tune in for an insightful and entertaining chat!

Aim High E3

In Episode 3 of ‘Women Who Rebrand’, Sareta and Chioma realise that no dream is too big to achieve – even if your qualifications, experience or ability are lacking.

They delve into various topics, ranging from reality TV to politics to the art of ‘agony aunting’, and learn that the power of ambition can take you a long way.

If you need some advice in your life, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Code Switching E4

This week, Sareta and Chioma sit down to discuss what it takes to make it in the world – how much do we have to change to fit in, and how much of ourselves can we keep?

They explore Tinie Tempah’s ambitious journey into property design, delve into Regé-Jean Page’s experience of code-switching to open doors, and share their stories of adapting to fit into certain spaces.

*Fact check: Oops, sorry, Regé! Sareta got it backwards – you were actually born in London and moved to Zimbabwe before returning to the UK for secondary school. Let’s get the facts straight!

Dealing with Burnout E5

Sareta and Chioma are tackling an essential topic that’s been gaining more and more attention lately – burnout.

They’ll be exploring the signs, what to do when it all gets too much, and how hybrid working has changed the boundaries between work and home life. They’ll also be looking into the struggles of achieving work-life balance as a freelancer.

To make things even more interesting, Chioma takes the NHS “Better Health – Every Mind Matters” quiz to get some personal wellbeing advice. You won’t want to miss it!

And don’t forget, this episode is sponsored by Ange B Designs – the perfect place to find some unique, handcrafted silver jewellery as a special gift. Or why not treat yourself and practice some self-care?

Reality TV E6

This week, Sareta and Chioma go head-to-head in a battle of celebrity knowledge as they discuss the impact of Reality TV on the stars of today.

From quiz shows to fly-on-the-wall docu-soaps, they debate who’s who in the latest I’m a Celebrity UK line-up and what their own TV careers hold in store. Join the ladies as they discuss the exciting possibilities for their TV careers, from BBC to Netflix. Tune in to find out which path they choose!

Learn how the reality TV phenomenon shapes tomorrow’s stars.

Covid Rebranded: Omicron E7

Chioma and Sareta discuss the latest Covid-19 variant and its implications on Christmas. Will there be another lockdown? Will families be able to celebrate together like they did last year? As they ponder the implications of the variant, they also reflect on recent news of the Prime Minister’s Christmas party last year, contrasting with the rest of us being advised to cancel!

On a lighter note, the ladies share their excitement about their child-free experience at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Mulled wine was enjoyed, rides were ridden, and Jack Frost was put to the test! Don’t worry; they both intend to go back with the kids!

Winter Wonderland is available for all to enjoy until 3 January 2022: tickets – HydeParkWinterWonderland.com.

Embrace transformation and join Women Who Rebrand as they host special guests on their podcast!

From individuals sharing their stories of success and transformation to experts sharing their knowledge on topics to help you become your true self, there’s something for everyone!

Follow along with the ladies on their podcast journey – the latest episodes can be found on #WWR Digital Magazine or your favourite podcast streaming platform.

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“Change is the only constant in life, so embrace it and use it for growth.” – Unknown

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