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March 21, 2022

We are delighted to welcome Yvadney Davis, an award-winning Black British contemporary portrait artist, to today’s episode of Women Who Rebrand.

Yvadney has returned to her art practice after over 15 years as a Fashion Stylist and is now creating stunning originals and giclee prints celebrating the Caribbean Diaspora and the sensuality of middle-aged women with soulful brush strokes, defiant colour and vintage wallpaper.

Yvadney will be discussing her transition back into art, fashion styling for both kids and adults, dopamine dressing, radiators and drains, being inspired by her working-class Caribbean roots and the prejudice she has faced in predominately white creative industries. Plus, she will share how she manages to do it all!

As an award-winning London-based portrait artist, Yvadney Davis champions her British Caribbean experience. Her work is inspired by the connection of nostalgia and joy between the Windrush Generation of Caribbean post-war immigrants to the UK and its descendants, aiming to not only hold onto the memories and dreams of those that came before her but also celebrate everyday life within her community.

Yvadney’s process involves building thick layers and movement with acrylic paint and referencing iconic design elements from Windrush Generation homes into her art practice. She listens to loud jazz music while painting to get in touch with her subject on a soulful level.

Her work has been shortlisted by prestigious institutions such as the Royal Academy of Art and ING Discerning Eye; featured in publications and podcasts including Create!, Seen Magazine, Women Who Rebrand and the Evening Standard; included in multiple group exhibitions including Casild Art and M&C Saatchi x Harrods; and she was 1st place winner of the 2022 Art United Painting Prize.

'Angel of Thornton Heath' By Yvadney Davis

Colour Theory

In episode 15, we explored the fascinating relationship between colour and our emotions, delving into the science of colour theory.

Colour theory is the study of how colour influences our perception and emotions. It examines the impact of colour combinations and how hues can evoke certain feelings or moods. Through this theory, we can understand why specific colours may create a calming atmosphere while others may create a feeling of excitement or energy. The connection between colour and our moods and emotions is based on the physiological response that occurs when we see certain colours – for example, red often stimulates us, while blue often has a calming effect.

Blue is the only colour which maintains its own character in all its tones… it will always stay blue.” – Claude Monet

The Power of Colour: How Hues Can Influence Our Moods

  • Red is often associated with energy, passion, and excitement. It can also evoke feelings of anger or aggression.
  • Orange is a warm colour representing enthusiasm, creativity, and joy.
  • Yellow is often seen as cheerful and optimistic. It can also be used to represent caution or warning.
  • Green is typically associated with growth, harmony, and freshness. It’s often used to promote feelings of peace and tranquillity.
  • Blue is known for its calming effect and can evoke feelings of trustworthiness and dependability.
  • Purple’s regal quality symbolises luxury, power, wisdom, and ambition.
  • White represents purity and innocence, while black conveys power or sophistication.

The Windrush Generation is often associated with yellow, green, and blue. Yellow symbolises optimism and hope, green represents growth and freshness, and blue stands for trustworthiness. These colours represent the courage, resilience, and determination of the Windrush Generation as they made their way to Britain in search of a better life.

Yvadney Davis’ art is currently featured in the Some Of Us Are Brave exhibition, produced and curated by CasildART.  This inspiring show celebrates Black women’s creative expression and is touring the UK, with its third edition taking place in Oxford until March 27th 2022.

Visit 95 Gloucester Green, OX1 2BU and the #WindowGalleries, Friars Entry OX1 2BY, to view this incredible exhibition.

Yvadney Davis, Award-Winning Contemporary Artist and Fashion Stylist

Find Out More

Follow Yvadney Davis on social media or check out her website to learn more about her work as a Fashion Stylist and Contemporary Artist. Her art can be found on Instagram @yvadneydavisart, and her fashion work can be seen at @yvadney.

Visit yvadney.art for her artwork and yvadney.com for her fashion styling services.

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